Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving On...

Time is moving on without saying a word... I got to 75 "daily" photos and a lot of stuff happened in the meantime... it's always unbelievable how fast we're moving forward and how fast our experiences get archived as we discover new ones...

I'd like to present you with "Daily Photo # 75"
I decided to call it "seaside sunrise..." for obvious reasons.
seaside sunrise...

Now, if you have the time, here's a slide-show that contains these first 75 pics (needs Flash Player installed). Hope you do not get bored and hope you'll be checking the series again soon.

Monday, March 08, 2010

On The Road - Ep. 4

After a long leave of absence, here we go with another episode of the "On The Road" series...

Romania, clear sky over E583 European Road from Targu-Frumos to Roman.
- Summer of 2006

Romania, heavy rain next to DJ108 County Road from Huedin to Belis.
- Spring of 2007

Romania, interesting sky over E58 European Road from Bistrita to Vatra-Dornei.
- Summer of 2009

Austria, a covered part of the High Alpine Road towards Grossglockner peak, Pasterze glacier.
- Summer of 2009

Monday, March 01, 2010


Yes, it's the 1st of March, first day of spring! Tradition says that I should give out a spring symbol, a "martisor" to all the girls and ladies that I know - I'm just gonna take advantage of my blog and offer everyone a virtual one...

May all of you have a sunny spring filled with lots of joy!


Yeah, OK, I know, I'm a lazy one... this is the "photo-of-the-day" from today...
But guess what: I've now reached photo # 45! (that's 320 photos to go...)
You can find them all in my Photo of the Day series on Flickr. Stay in touch!
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