Thursday, July 24, 2008

Metallica - GODS of Heavy Metal

Finally, Metallica came to Romania again... after 9 years.
We went to Bucharest (not an easy travel), it rained all night long, we didn't have a place to sleep over, but IT WAS F#@%ING GREAT!!!
James, Kirk, Robert & Lars played like there was no tomorrow, giving all their best on stage. It was the best show I've ever seen so far. Pyro and light effects made the whole atmosphere to be listening the old school Metallica tracks. They played a lot of stuff from back in the days - it was amazing how the 15 thousand people (including us) were all singing together, knowing all the lyrics & riffs by heart.

Way to go METALLICA! You guys were AWESOME! Come again soon!

* Disclaimer - the pictures from this post were not taken by myself, so I take no credit for them. The copyrights belong to the respective owners. However, since I got them form various sites, I cannot build a credits list at this point.

So...did people have fun? YOU BET! ROCK ON!!!

[Note] This post was added later than the original date - in order to preserve the chronology of the events.
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