Friday, April 20, 2007

Lake of Tears...

Without any intended reference to the band with the same name, I created this post (containing a few photos from April 2007) to show some shots of the famous lake from Ipotesti, near Botosani, Romania.
It's a very well known lake here in Romania, mostly due to the fact that in most of his great poems, the famous Mihai Eminescu describes this lake using great, heart-touching metaphors.

Once you actually get there though, you totally understand that nothing in those poems is exaggerated, it's indeed a sight that words simply cannot describe...

So, when I titled it "Lake of Tears", I guess I was actually thinking about tears of joy, in front of a natural beauty... (my photos don't do it justice, but these were the best I have so far)

The Picasa Web Album containing these (and 2 more):
Lake of Tears...

PS. The article will be archived later as an entry for 2007.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Low Clouds

These shots are from March 2007...

We went to my in-laws and while crossing the mountains, the sky felt so low... we couldn't resist taking a few shots.

And here is the entire album:
Low Clouds
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