Friday, October 02, 2009

Grossglockner - Ep 2 - The Waterfall and the Rain

The Waterfall
The next day we went a few kilometers down to visit a famous waterfall...
That would be the Jungernsprung (Maiden's Leap) waterfall (check out its legend in one of the photos below).
The waterfall's 130 meters high and it has a 1 hour pathway to the top... we only went up for about 5 minutes Smile...
The waterfall water was flowing into a small river that had crystal clear water.
Really nice scenery.

The Rain

We wanted to visit some more sites, but the afternoon was not so friendly in terms of weather. So we stayed in. The fresh mountain air got even better after a bit of rain. Some shots from after the rain - the clouds were moving along the cliff that was next to us.

We did't need to worry though, it was going to get really better the next day...

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