Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grossglockner - Ep 1 - Heiligenblut

So... how does the tallest mountain peak in Austria look like? Is it tough to get there?
These were only some of the questions we had knowing we arrived so close to this peak. So - we decided to go check it out.

The Start Point...

We were staying in Heiligenblut, the village located just at the bottom of the Grossglockner. It's a small but very nice settlement at 1300 m above sea level, with the primary focus on tourism.

Small villas and a few very nice (but rustic) 4 star hotels are lying next to each other, along with a few small outdoor bars and some gift-shops. 2 or 3 small supermarkets are discretely integrated in the village that really lets you feel you're in the mountains now... all giving you the overall feel of a nice old shepherd village that was overhauled for both modest and pretentious guests' accommodation.

Pedestrian side-walks often mix in with the cars' narrow roads, but no one honks their horns or over-rev their engines. Wooden outside furniture and and small flowers everywhere make each walk another step towards relaxation.

A small (but nicely placed) camping area fills the valley with a homey barbecue smell.

An interestingly disguised tennis court tries to blend into the scenery.

A tall but thin old church with wooden roof tiles watches over the entire place as sort of a peaceful guardian.

And, over there in the distance, you can see IT... The white old giant... Die Grossglockner... Now that's where we'll need to go!

... to be continued...

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