Tuesday, May 04, 2010

On The Road - Ep. 5

Continuing with the "On The Road" series, here are some more pictures me and my wife took from the car or the side of the road...

Open road under a clear summer cky - on the E85 european road - somewhere after Adjud, before Marasesti, Romania.
- Summer of 2006

A frozen tree on the side of a snowy road - near Vatra Dornei, Romania.
- Winter of 2008, between X-Mas and NewYear's...

Low clouds hiding a mountain peak - E58 road, somewhere around Tihuta pass, Romania.
- Late Autumn, 2009

Mountain road right along the railroad tracks and a small river - on the E60 road, somewhere between Brasov and Predeal, Romania
- Summer of 2006


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